The Technopa Engineering  Group is proud to be a devoted specialist for designing and manufacturing bioenergy systems.

We have been developing and producing  continuously operating modular biodiesel machines  since 2001.


Our in-house  developed technologies were succesfully installed In Europe, South America and  Africa in more than 20 projects.

From 2011 we diversified our bioenergy product line with steam reduction turbines. For the projects we developed own CHP parts and control systems as well.



From 2015 we started

to integrate in our technologies the results

of biomass utilization in Slovenia.


We developed a 20 kWe biomass gasification system that has been connected to the national grid  18 months ago.

This technological  background provided the basis for the final technical development of  the GasiFlex 50 - our unique 50 kWe biomass gasifier operating in continuous  mode with woodchips of 20 % moisture. This containerized unit is optionally equipped with an integrated drying system . By this hardware the woodchips even with 30 % moisture can be used as feedstock !