Technopa offers the certified sampling of the syngas for tars analysing.
We are ready to provide for you the final tar analise with the cooperation with University in Ljubljana

The Tars sampling machine, produced by our company iFlex is a device, where according to CET/TS 15439 as current valid standard in Europe, the tars are collected and prepared for anlysis by GC-MS methode (gas chromatography - mass spectrometer) . 
The analysis can be done in laboratories, having such analysator, after the Isokinetic sampling of syngas following ISO 9069, VDI 2060 is performed.

With simple words, phe procedure is following:

1. Tas must be heated to app. 400 deg. C, where all tars are evaporated and not stopped at following particle filter.

2. The heated gas passes thrue the Quarzfilter thimble, where particles are collected, but tars passing thru.

3.The syngas enters to sampling train made by  impiger botles, where in the first 4 impiger  botles water is eliminated and tars gradually solved in IPA solvent (iso propanole). The medium temp. is +20 C.

4. The syngas enters to cold solvent media - minus 20 C, where entire is solved and remained in iso propanol filled impiger botles

5. VOC (volatile organic compounds) are binded with active carbon

6. Gas enters to Vacuum pump,  driving the process flow

7. Gas enters to rotameter, where we adjust the flow velocity

8. Gas enters to volumetric flow  meter, where total volumetric flow of the sampling is registered.