Input Material - Woodchips G 20-50
Humidity of Input Material < 25% , best gasification performance <18%  integrated  dryer is decreasing the humidity by7%
Captive electric consumption approx. 1.5-2 kW
Ash removal automatic ash removal by the conveyor, from the ash collector manually
Supply of wood chips by screw conveyor
The output power /hour 49 kW electric power output; 85 kW of thermal power output (H2O loop 90/70 °C  )* PLUS 11 kW thermal power output ( dry hot air output at 60 °C for dryer)
Voltage, frequency, current 400VAC, 50 Hz, 86A
Consumption of wooden chips approx. 5.5 m3 / day, max 1 kg /hour for 1kW electric energy by woodchips  of 18% moisture content
Siemens PLC controller 5.7 "touch panel, GSM Alarm signal, via Internet
Compressed air required working pressure 6-8 bar consumption 200 l/h, to be provided by the buyer
Gas engine Natural Aspirated   ORIGINE 8,0L, V8l.
Generator HGIE2 generator, 3-phase ind. motor, 400VAC, 50Hz, air-cooled, RPM: 1500 / min
Automatic ignition Yes, Electric ignition
Performance Indoor/Outdoor version
Operating hours / year min 7500 hours
Containerized Version Size L: 6.057 mm     W: 2.440 mm   H: 2.591 mm
Weight : max 4,300 kg *The power output oscillates in the range of +/- 7% of defined parameters



  Wooden Chips 1 hour 1 year
  at 25% moisture 49kg 375 MT
  at 30% moisture 49kg 375 MT
  1 HOUR 1 year
  49 kWe 375 MWHe
  44 kWe 336 MWHe
  1 hour 1 year
  85 kWT 675 MWHt
  78 kWt 600 MWHt